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Hydrogel Cream
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3 sizes
Dermatologist Approved
The Daily Calm Lightweight Moisturizer
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Deep Hydration Face Cream
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Everyday Radiance + C Moisturizer
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Organic Beauty Facial Oil
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Mini Hydrogel Cream
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3 sizes
Magic Beauty Balm
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Sold Out
Calm + Heal Melting Balm
$34.99 is the original price

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Dew It Daily with Honest Hydration!

Hands down, one of the number one ways to care for skin is to apply face moisturizer and lotion daily. Why bother, you ask? Skin hydration is vital to prevent aging skin. Whatever your skin type may be, you can keep your skin looking young, fresh, and free from unsightly breakouts simply by adding a moisturizer cream to your daily skincare routine. We all want to age gracefully, don't we? So let’s keep wrinkles and fine lines away! The skin is the largest organ on your body, so it's imperative that you not only treat it well from the inside, by consuming a healthy diet and hydrating by drinking plenty of water throughout your day, it's also important to treat it well on the outside. That's where we step in, with Honest hydration products that are safe, effective, and some might even call them downright decadent.

We offer everything from deep hydration face and eye creams, to everyday moisturizers that soothe the skin and bring out your natural radiant glow. Our moisturizers are formulated with this insanely lightweight, yet rich, moisturizing face cream to support your skin's natural moisture barrier. AKA this light moisturizer cream will keep your skin looking (and feeling) super soft and hydrated. Jojoba Esters soften while Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates and locks in moisture for eight hours, and -bonus- leaves you luminous and fresh-faced. For those of you that prefer a hint of tint in your moisturizer, we got you boo! Our tinted moisturizer with SPF goes on creamy and blends beautifully to fill in lines, blur breakouts, and hide redness while creating a more even skin tone and texture. Not to mention they are loaded with good, old vitamin C that's chock full of beneficial antioxidants to help your skin look its dewy best. Try one of our hydration kits to start and make sure you don't forget our Calm and Go Face Mist. Perfectly suitable for any skin concern from dry skin to acne-prone skin, our nourishing face moisturizer delivers intense hydration to even the most sensitive skin. It's pure, Honest, bliss in a bottle!